The Ten Thousand Places Podcast

The Seemingly Eternal Reoccurrence of the Matrix (on This Podcast)

February 06, 2023 OSV Podcasts
The Ten Thousand Places Podcast
The Seemingly Eternal Reoccurrence of the Matrix (on This Podcast)
Show Notes

Sick of talking about the Matrix? We’re not! In this episode, the boys discuss the philosophical influences of the Matrix, particularly Hinduism and Buddhism, and how its metaphysical failures can be remedied by good Platonic philosophy and Christian theology.

Episode Glossary and References:

Plato – A Greek philosopher active four centuries before Christ. A student of Socrates, he is the main source of what we know about Socrates and his philosophy. Along with his own student, Aristotle, he is one of the most important philosophers in history, and much of his thought has formed the foundation of Western thought. He balla balla, y’all.

Platonism – A variety of schools of thought based in some way on the views and works of Plato. Some rather poorly.

Neoplatonism – a particular Platonic school begun in the 3rd century by a philosopher named Plotinus. This philosophy was hugely influential on many Church Fathers, including Ambrose, Augustine, the Cappodocian Fathers, and Maximus the Confessor. Many of the basic tenants of neoplatonism are accepted in Catholic philosophy and theology. Not to be confused with Neo from the Matrix.

Metaphysics – the study of the nature and structure of reality, usually focused on things beyond the physical world (though not necessarily). Not be confused with the New Age garbage found at your local Barnes and Noble.

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