The Ten Thousand Places Podcast


March 06, 2023
The Ten Thousand Places Podcast
Show Notes

Do you believe in ghosts?! We do. The boys talk about ghosts and where they fit into Church Teachings. Plus, other aspects of the occult. We get a bit into demons, but then it gets too spooky. Bonus: we dump on the materialists and the faux-occultism of the modern age.

Definitions for terms and references in this episode:

Ghosties: the things that might get you when you’re going up the basement stairs. Generally speaking, deceased persons. Distinct from demons.

Theosophy: a syncretistic religious movement started in the late 19th century combining elements (usually haphazardly) of occultism, pseudo-ancient philosophy, contemporary paganism, and concepts conceived of from Eastern religions. A part of a larger faddish interest in occult in the West in the 19th century.
Occult: a broad term covering various spiritual, ritualistic thought styles and practices outside of more traditional understandings/practices of religion. Includes magic, ESP, spiritism, and other categories.

Spiritism: a occultist practice involving seances and “communicating” with the dead and other spiritual beings.

Materialism – a philosophical belief that only the material world, and nothing beyond or outside of it, exists. Usually heavily influenced by scientistic philosophy, and often hostile to supernatural beliefs.

Scientism – a philosophical belief that truth can be only, and nearly only, demonstrated by disciplines utilizing empirical and scientific methods.

Problem of Evil – a philosophical objection to the existence of God classically understood on the basis of the existence of evil.

Further Resources:

CCC 1020-1060

Eschatology, Joseph Ratzinger – heady but brilliant; will change your life

More on the perils of the Christmas Tree business:

More on the supernatural: Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World,

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